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Important information regarding race start location - an issue with Google Maps [Copy link]

paveltoropov | 2019-06-17 16:50 3699 0

The start of Gaoligong by UTMB (all distances) is in the city of Tengchong at Wenzhiguangchang Square - 文治光昌 广场  in Chinese。

However, we have found out that Google maps, when you type in “Wenzhiguangchang”, take you to Wenzhiguangchang Scenic Spot (文治光昌  景点), which is very near the race finish, in Heshun Village. The same happens in Baidu maps when you do a search in Chinese.

This screenshot of Google maps shows you the location of the actual race start. Mer Jade Crown Jianguo Hotel (腾冲美尔翡翠皇冠建国酒店) is very close to it and you can use it as a searchword to find the location. Also, this hotel is also a good option to stay.

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