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Chris Kostman's introduction [Copy link]

Chris Kostman
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CHRIS KOSTMAN is the founder, President, and Chief Adventure Officer of AdventureCORPS,, a California corporation that has produced endurance and outdoor events since 1984. He is the Co-Race Director of the Mt. Gaoligong Ultra.  Chris created the company while he was in high school because of his enthusiasm for competing in ultra distance races. For example, he raced his bicycle across the USA in under 11 days, has run in several 160km races on the snow in Alaska, and has completed many "Ironman" triathlons, and even a Triple Ironman in France.  In the past 32 years, Chris has organized over 130 endurance sports events with over 20,000 participants from every state in the USA and from over 60 foreign countries. These include road bicycle races, mountain bike races, road running races, trail running races, triathlons, and winter sports camps.  His events are held in Californias "Death Valley," on the east coast beaches of North Carolina, across the state of Nevada, and in other locations.  Last year he co-hosted a 10-day running race in a remote part of Nepal, and he is now developing a three-day running race in Jordan.  His most famous race is the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon, considered the worlds toughest foot race. It is 135 miles (217km) long and is held in July in Death Valley, the hottest place race on earch. He organizes other ultramarathon running races under the "Badwater" trademark, as well as an 820km non-stop bicycle race.  Mr. Kostman earned a BA degree and Masters degree in archaeology from the University of California at Berkeley - with a focus on South Asia and the Middle East - so he has a deep appreciation for history, culture, and languages.  He is very honored to be working with his Chinese colleagues at XingZhi Yunnan Co. Ltd to help develop the Mt. GaoLiGong Ultramarathon, and hopefully other races in the future.

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