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Luigi Dessy's introduction [Copy link]

Luigi Dessy
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1978-03-11
Residence: america  


  • 2016 STYR Labs Badwater 135

Elegant demeanour:


I am going to the inaugural Mt. Gaoligong 100-Mile Trail Ultra! This race looks extremely difficult, with over 24,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain and a 36hour limit. Its a serious challenge! My training is all running uphills and downhills! The start line will be the best setting of any race I have been, with amazing Chinese design gates to run under. From what I have read…they plan to host “the best organized, most incredible 100-mile trail race ever”. I am not missing this experience!I hope to enjoy this adventure with some of the great friends I have made in ultras!

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